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  5. "You need to read that book."

"You need to read that book."

Translation:O kitabı okuman lazım.

December 31, 2015



why not "o kitabı okumalısın"?


That is also correct, you can say both


They are different degrees of obligation. "Must" -meli/malı is stronger than "needs to" lazım/gerek-. "Must" implies a personal/moral urge (internal), not just a necessity/need (external) that it happen.


It is slightly weaker in meaning.

Okuman lazım = must read, necessary.

Okumalısın = you should read

Okumalısın =A bit like 'recommend'

I think you should read. = bence okumalısın.

'Okuman lazım' is more rigid in meaning.


@Geiffin (sorry, the app only lets me do topline replies): I think it's because lazım is an adjective meaning 'necessary', so it doesn't take case endings.

Word-for-word, it's like "Your reading (okuma+m) of the book (kitab+ı) is necessary (lazım)."


"Lazım" never changes I think. What changes is the gerund (infinitive -k, for example "yapmak" becomes "yapma", then you just have to add the personal possessive suffixes)

O kitabı okumam lazım = I need to read that book (word by word: "My reading is necessary")

O kitabı okuman lazım = You need to read that book

O kitabı okuması lazım = He/She/It needs to read that book

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