"We do not want war, we want peace."

Translation:Nie chcemy wojny, chcemy pokoju.

December 31, 2015

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relevant in winter 2022 (i live in Russia and Ukraine)


I thought that "to want" would use the accusative, so it would be 'pokój' and not 'pokoju'.


'Pokój' means 'peace' or 'room'.

Chcemy pokoju (Gen) - we want peace.

Chcemy pokój (Acc) - wa want a room.

Also 'chcieć' requires Gen when you talk about abstract objects like: war, peace, love, hate, knowlegde etc.

Default case for 'chcieć' is ACC, it happens that for many nouns ACC=GEN.

I want a dog - Chcę psa (Acc=GEN). I want a woman - Chcę kobietę (=/= Gen: kobiety). I want a computer - Chcę komputer(=/=Gen: komputera).

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