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"We do not want war, we want peace."

Translation:Nie chcemy wojny, chcemy pokoju.

December 31, 2015



I thought that "to want" would use the accusative, so it would be 'pokój' and not 'pokoju'.


'Pokój' means 'peace' or 'room'.

Chcemy pokoju (Gen) - we want peace.

Chcemy pokój (Acc) - wa want a room.

Also 'chcieć' requires Gen when you talk about abstract objects like: war, peace, love, hate, knowlegde etc.

Default case for 'chcieć' is ACC, it happens that for many nouns ACC=GEN.

I want a dog - Chcę psa (Acc=GEN). I want a woman - Chcę kobietę (=/= Gen: kobiety). I want a computer - Chcę komputer(=/=Gen: komputera).


My response, "nie chcemy wojny, chcemy pokój", should be accepted. The way I understand it, "chcieć" requires the genitive 'only' when used as a "partitive" or in negations. Thus using "chcemy pokoju" would mean we want "some peace". The way I see it, you either want "peace" or you don't. "Some peace" doesn't cut it.


The partitive rule doesn't apply to abstract concepts, only to things you can physically split.

If you use the accusative, you'd be saying: "We don't want peace, we want a room". Read luless' comment for further information.

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