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  5. "We work the entire month."

"We work the entire month."

Translation:Pracujemy cały miesiąc.

December 31, 2015



Is this nominative or accusative (for expressing a duration of time)? I was expecting a more "exotic" case...


And now it's the situation, when I have a doubt. Nominative is "cały miesiąc", accusative is "cały miesiąc", but you will use "Pracujemy pierwszą zmianę" (We work the first shift) - accusative, not "Pracujemy pierwsza zmiana" - nominative.


Shouldn't this sentence be 'We work this entire month' (being more specific) since there is a ten?


Pracujemy cały miesiąc. Sorry, I'm querying Bartosh's comment 2 years ago that this is nominative case. Is it, or is it accusative case? Thanks.


Accusative. Firstly, we can see that "Pracujemy cały miesiąc" = "Pracujemy przez cały miesiąc" and 'przez' takes Accusative, but an easier way is to change 'cały miesiąc' to something feminine, like 'whole Sunday': "Pracujemy całą niedzielę" is definitely the right way, so this is Accusative.


Thanks Jellei for confirming this is accusative case. I was quite sure it should be and I now also realise that 4d1n was querying it earlier, but I couldn't follow his comments.

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