"We work the entire month."

Translation:Pracujemy cały miesiąc.

December 31, 2015

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Is this nominative or accusative (for expressing a duration of time)? I was expecting a more "exotic" case...


This is accusative case. :-)


Pracujemy cały miesiąc. Sorry, I'm querying Bartosh's comment 2 years ago that this is nominative case. Is it, or is it accusative case? Thanks.


Accusative. Firstly, we can see that "Pracujemy cały miesiąc" = "Pracujemy przez cały miesiąc" and 'przez' takes Accusative, but an easier way is to change 'cały miesiąc' to something feminine, like 'whole Sunday': "Pracujemy całą niedzielę" is definitely the right way, so this is Accusative.


Thanks Jellei for confirming this is accusative case. I was quite sure it should be and I now also realise that 4d1n was querying it earlier, but I couldn't follow his comments.


Alright, so what's the catch? Are we just dropping the "przez" in this case? How often are we allowed to do that?


If "przez" refers to the duration of something, I think it can always be omitted, but I can't guarantee it, because I can't just imagine every possible context right now ;)


Shouldn't this sentence be 'We work this entire month' (being more specific) since there is a ten?

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