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  5. "Why is this book boring?"

"Why is this book boring?"

Translation:Dlaczego ta książka jest nudna?

December 31, 2015



Dlaczego jest ta książka nudna? --> Wrong?


When asking questions the word possitions are fixed:

(question word) + (subject) + verb + rest of the sentence.

You don't need question word or subject in every question: (Czy) (ty) Czytasz książkę? - (are you reding a book), Words in ( ) are optional, any configuration is correct.

In polish you don't need inversion or auxiliary verb.

A: Ta książka jest nudna.

B: Dlaczego ta książka jest nudna?

It is easy, isn't it?


Thanks. Yes, that's pretty simple. I just thought that Polish word order might be more flexible due to the case system.


Interesting. In Czech the order is flexible and the literal translation of "Dlaczego jest ta książka nudna?" (Proč je ta kniha nudná?) would be more natural. It is fascinating how a language that is so similar can always surprise me :)

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