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"This man, this woman, this child"

Translation:Ten mężczyzna, ta kobieta, to dziecko

December 31, 2015



In Polish there are 3-5: masculine (+ masculine animate and masculine inanimate), feminine, neuter. We can't help it. But in many other languages there are genders, e.g. French, Dutch, German.


It should be "3-5 genders", unfortunately I can't edit it.


So it's Ten mężczyzna ? Even if ut ends in A it's masculin ?


Its one of the few exeptions, but in general its female when its end with a.


Is "To" a gender neutral term for "this"


Yes, in a sense that it is used for neuter nouns.

You would still say e.g. 'ten człowiek' - 'this person'. Even though 'person' does not specify the gender of the person, the noun 'człowiek' is masculine so it requires a masculine form of 'this'.


Why is man "ten" and child "to"?


I suppose that's because "child" in polish has neutral gender


Can you not use Pan and Pani?


At some point we decided to accept those for simple 'man' and 'woman' as well. Added now.

One thing: you wrote that you are working on your written Polish. So it is worth to say, that you shouldn't capitalize "Pan" and "Pani" right now.

First of all, you use them here simply as nouns. So they shouldn't be capitalized at all.

And even if you translated a sentence using Formal You, on Duolingo you just have sentences without any context. They're like quotes. Or fragments of dialogue. You only capitalize "Pan" and "Pani" (and preferably all other instances of "you" and "your") if you're writing a message and addressing someone directly.


Why not "tamten mężczyzna" ?


That's really "that man". It's even more like 'that man over there'. It cannot be a translation of "this".

You have: [this/that/that] but [ten/ten/tamten] (and forms).


Ah ah! I did a mistake, and it was accepted! I wrote "ten man" instead of "ten mężczyzna" , and the answer was "you have a typo", becase man sould be pan. So now I just learnd a short cut. Writing "mężczyzna" several times in a short study time is a hard penitence...


I profit to thank you Jelley, for all the tips, and all this Duo platform, it's been a great (and fun) help!


'te dziecko' should aslo work


Even if some natives say that, it's something that will be definitely marked incorrect on any written test.


Why doesn't ten dzieciak work? To dziecko sounds more like this is a child?


"to dziecko" could potentially mean "this is a child", although rather when you point at the child.

"dzieciak" isn't exactly a neutral word, it could easily be considered as impolite.

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