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  5. "Oprócz warzyw"

"Oprócz warzyw"

Translation:Except vegetables

January 1, 2016



What is being done here, to require the Genitive? An qualification, exclusion, clarification, something else?


Exclusion in this case. But not all exclusions require Gen.

Oprócz warzyw (GEN), but Poza warzywami (INS) - and both could be translate as 'except for, besides'.


I said "but the vegetables", and was marked wrong. Did I need more context?


No more context needed, but that sentence would be "Ale warzywami". My Polish was near-non-existent before this course, but "but" was one of the maybe 15 words I knew going in!


I think "ale warzywami" to work needs even more context.
Tomatoes are not fruir but vegetables - pomidory nie są owocami, ale warzywami

He ate everything except for (but) the vegetables - zjadł wszystko, oprócz warzyw.


Would this be like ordering food and not wanting vegetables with it? That was how I interpreted it and gave my answer as "Without vegetables"


That would be rather "bez". And probably make more sense than "oprócz" = "except", "apart from".


Or, I like all foods, apart from vegetables.


Why "except FOR vegetables"? I do not understand the for...


Well, it's just correct in English (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/pl/grammar/british-grammar/except-or-except-for) - but I guess using just "except" in the main English answer would be simpler and more direct, changed now.


Lol the audio is broken on this one.


The phrase "Except vegetables" doesn't make sense on its own, unless it's part of a sentence such as 'Fruit is great, except vegetables'. So, you would need to include something else (e.g. some fruit) to 'compare to' in that kind of sentence. 'Except' means not to include something. Now, if 'Accept vegetables' was written then that would make sense, as 'accept' is to agree or to validate something. Both 'accept' and 'except' sound similar, but they are significantly different.


Well, it's just a phrase, you need to imagine the context on your own.


What did I just read.

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