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  5. "Li kuris meze de la strato."

"Li kuris meze de la strato."

Translation:He ran in the middle of the street.

January 1, 2016



Nia domo. En la meza de la strato.


So, if we added accusative -n to 'meze', would we say that 'he suddenly ran INTO the middle of the street'. ? I wouldn't think that we need the word "en" to be present in order to produce the translation of "into", since the adding the accusative alone indicates direction, correct?

"Li ekkuris mezen de la strato."


Yes, you can add -n to adverbs of location to make them adverbs of direction. Forget the English translation here. English has not got any adverb for meze, so in English a prepositional construction is used.


I'm an idiot. Mixed up kuris and kuiris. I thought "he cooked in the middle of the street" sounded odd.

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