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When I disagree

When I'm asked if I disagree with Duolingo's negative judgements of my answers, what happens to my inputs? I'd like to know if they were taken as having value or were rejected and, if so, why.

June 1, 2012

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I have given a lot of feedback to duolinguo on the Spanish, German and French parts. Usually they react very quickly. If they agree with you, they send you a short email like 'Thanks. This has been fixed'. This sometimes happens in minutes, sometimes a few hours after I send the feedback. Sometimes I don't get any answer at all. I guess that in those cases they just don't agree with me. My impression is that at the moment they're focusing their efforts a bit on the French version. In French there are by far more severe issues to fix than in German or Spanish. Perhaps they handle problems with English grammar with less priority since most of the users are native speakers and won't get confused. But I don't know. Just guessing...

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