"Ви у кафе?"

Translation:Are you in a café?

January 1, 2016

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Can I use ви в кафе?

[deactivated user]

    Yes. In fact, this would be more correct: Duolingo ignores the guidelines for у—в alteration (most people do), but in professionally proofread texts it should be «ви в кафе» because «ви» ends in a vowel, and pronouncing «ви в кафе» is easier than «ви у кафе» («и в» is pronounced like a diphtong [ɪw], and this helps to avoid hiatus, two vowels coming together).


    Can this mean "are you in the cafe" too?


    Yes. In Slavic languages, there are no articles, only determiners, or at least I think that they also exist in Ukrainian. They for sure do in PL and CZ, so I suppose that this is common amongst all Slavic languages.


    In what grammatical case is "кафе" here? If it were German it would be in the Dative.


    From a previous lesson, ""кафе" is indeclinable as it's an imported foreign word. If it were declinable, it looks like it would be Locative (source: https://www.ukrainianlessons.com/prepositions-cases/ )


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