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  5. "Hello, friends!"

"Hello, friends!"

Translation:Привіт, друзі!

January 1, 2016



Can привіт друг also mean "hello is a friend", even if it is a weird sentence?

[deactivated user]

    Well, technically yes, but this is likely to be written with a dash: «Привіт — друг». Also, you might add «це»: «Приві́т — це друг». It also would be pronounced with a different intonation.

    If you want to make sure your direct address is not mistaken for anything else, you could use the vocative case form: «Привіт, друже!» 'Hello, friend'. Many Ukrainians like this form. :)


    it could but not exactly


    Is there any vocalic difference between и and i (for example, here in привiт)? I think I sense a little softer tone with i, but I may be deceiving myself?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, you're right, і is a closer vowel than и, so it has a softer sound. Also, і makes the preceding consonant softer (e.g. в in привіт is semi-palatised, while in ви it's not palatised).

      І is transribed [i], while и is transcribed [ɪ]. This is similar to sheep-ship difference in English, although it doesn't affect the vowel length, only the vowel quality.


      I have no Ukranian keywords

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