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  5. "¡Qué bonita vivienda!"

"¡Qué bonita vivienda!"

Translation:What a cute house!

January 12, 2013



Your correct my mistake, I learn something new everyday, thank you.


what difference between casa and vivienda?


CASA means HOUSE, while VIVIENDA means something between CASA and 'place to live'.

Extra: HOGAR means 'home'. So yeah, Berg123 is kind of wrong.


OK, thanks. Then where do you place EL LUGAR in this?


"What a pretty housing" is wrong, but

What pretty housing! What a cute house!

are right? Where is the difference between "What a cute house" and "What a pretty housing?"


the word housing doesn't have an article before it in english. It's not really a singular thing, more of a concept. A little more abstract.

It is not used in place of house most of the time, for example, people don't say, "I'm going to my housing" or "my housing is that way," it is used for more abstract or conceptual things like, "I need to find housing" (i.e. I need to find somewhere to live!"). Or "that building is for housing supplies." It is also used in the compound noun "housing project" or "housing development." Which refers specifically to a publicly funded development of housing for low-income families.

Hope that helps!


Why is my translation "What a pretty home" wrong.


how can they translate this sentence as what a cute house and what pretty housing but say what a pretty housing is incorrect. That is rediculous! A housing is a noun and can be prefaced by "a" and "pretty" (an adjective). Come on Duo!


I would have thought having said beautiful housing would work with having the adjective before the noun but by specifying a specific house the adjective would have to follow the noun, no? If so why?

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