"Moja siostra jest młodsza ode mnie."

Translation:My sister is younger than me.

January 1, 2016

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Why would that be downvoted? Might be better to use the Report function for hints like these, but that doesn't make a correct statement any wronger.


I was not going to use the "Report function" since my answer was correct. I was just wondering if the other form would be accepted by Duo, that's all. I did not want to use the other form because I was Testing Out and did not want to lose a heart. So, I'm (still) asking people who tried "...younger than I", if it was accepted.


I tried the "... than I" construction, but not on purpose, it was an honest attempt, an "accident", otherwise I should've thought along the same lines as you: That it probably won't be accepted anyway and, sure enough, that's what happened. ;-) It's the only reason I commented at all, although in my case it wasn't this sentence but an earlier one. As for the rating thing ("downvoted"): not that important.


Thank you, Purpurlicht! As I suspected. Hope you reported it.


It’s still considered wrong today. I reported it.


I just had 3 sentences in a row in this same form (like "...younger than me"), and there was a different word for "than" very time. ode, niz, and I for get the other. When are the different forms used?


There are two ways of saying "than" in Polish.

1) niż+ nominative 2) od + genitive.

They are stylistic choice/personal preference, with a bit of regional influence added.

"Ode" is a form of "od", that exists only before "mnie".


I just saw this sentence: "lubię go mniej niż ciebie" Here niż seems to be followed by the accusative. Isn't that niż governs the case of the compared object (here "go"), whereas od always governs the genitive?


(Ja) lubię go mniej niż (lubię) ciebie - I like him less than I like you

(ja) lubię go mniej niż ty (lubisz)- I like him less than you like him

lubię go mniej od ciebie - I'm not sure it's even possible sentence.


Adjective+ niż + nominative or adjective +od+ genitive

adverb, comparing subjects

adverb+niż+nominative, adverb+od+genitive

adverb, comparing objects

adverb+niż+case detemined by verb

but yes "od" always governs genitive and "niż" governs nominative after adjective and case of compared subject/object after adverb.

Idę z człowiekiem (instrumental) wyższym od żyrafy (genitive). I' m walking with a man taller than a giraffe.
Idę z człowiekiem (instrumental) wyższym niż żyrafa (nominative).


Agreed. Should be "...younger than I." Me is colloquial, but not correct grammar. It definitely shouldn't be marked wrong.


Both are "correct grammar".


I agree with Dorothy. Strictly speaking, "younger than I" is correct and "younger than me" is colloquial. "My sister is younger than I" = "My sister is younger than I am young". Here, you are comparing age with age, which is logical. Saying "My sister is younger than me" is comparing "age" with a "person" which is illogical. It's a classic case of comparing apples and oranges. It may be grammatically correct, as you say, but it is illogical!

Is "Moja siostra jest młodsza niż ja" idiomatically correct in Polish? If so, it would be equivalent to the English expression "my sister is younger than I".


Yes, "niż ja" is perfectly correct and natural.


You have explained this grammatical issue better than I did. Kudos.


Changed the main answer to "than I".


Did you? It's "me" again... But that's totally okay; both are correct and "me" is more common.

Here's another interesting article on this topic: https://www.cjr.org/language_corner/more-than-me-more-than-i.php


Change of decision based on the fact that "ode mnie" also does not use the Nominative case, so that would make "than me" grammatically closer, actually ;)


"than ME?" Talk about lousy grammar. It should be than I


The new male voice pronounces młodsza as mortsza to my (English) ears. My notes say it used to be an mu sound. (Mods feel free to delete if you think pronunciation correct.)


I think that the normal male audio is fine in terms of "młodsza", although it stresses "ode mnie" in quite a weird way. The slow audio also seems fine.

But I have to say that the single word "młodsza" (played when you press a tile) does sound rather like "motsza" to me. But it's a small problem compared to if the full sentence had an issue.


... o około dwadzieścia minut.

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