"Yes, I am sorry!"

Translation:Tak, przepraszam!

January 1, 2016

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Przepraszam was the first Polish word that i learned. I saw it in a youtube video & wanted to know what it meant. Now im here learning Polish. Love it.


I could say . tak przepraszam


Polisz person would not say "Tak, ja przepraszam" but "Tak, przepraszam"


And it depends on the context. "Ja przepraszam" sounds a bit weird indeed but I can imagine a situation where it could be used. Also I think that on this level of the course it might be written like this just to help people get used to which form of the verb is used for which person and pronouns can be really helpful here. In the end "ja przepraszam" is not incorrect anyway. (By the way: *Polish :))


How do i prounounce it? Is the first R pronounced?


"rz" is a single phoneme in Polish; there is no separate pronunciation for the r and z sounds when rz is used. The rz consonant is pronounced similarly to the hard zh sounds in the English words "measure" and "vision".


Is there a difference between "Przepraszam." and "Ja przepraszam."? Is "przepraszam" a verb? Perhaps the present tense first person singular?


Przepraszam is a first person singular present tense verb. Przepraszać means to apologize.

Przepraszam, means phrases "I am sorry" and "Excuse me", it also means I apologize, or I am apologizing.

Ja przepraszam is I am sorry, or I apologize or I am apologizing, but with much more attention drawn to the I part of the sentence.


So is the first p pronounced? Could anyone bread down the full word phonetically for me so I can understand it as an English person?


Do you prenounce "rz" the same as czech "ř" i am trying to hear the difference, but I am half deaf.:(


That would be the historic pronunciation, but nowadays everybody pronounces it as /ʐ/ in voiced and as /ʂ/ in devoiced positions.


Polish is really hard, I am learning three different languages with English as my primary, German, Russian, and obviously Polish, There are a couple terms I have issues with, my biggest question however is how do you remember what accents are required for what word, and how often they are needed?


My first advice here would be to not think of them as accents. They are different letters, which represent different sounds (which are 'kinda similar' to the basic ones usually, but definitely not the same), so it's more of a matter of "the letters happen to be very similar".


Can you inflect this verb for 2nd and 3rd person, for example "przepraszesz" "przeprasza" ?


ja przepraszam ty przepraszasz on/ona/ono przeprasza

plural: my przepraszamy wy przepraszacie oni/one przepraszają

And here you have "I am sorry", so of course nothing else than "ja" can be accepted ;)


Thanks Marek, I always use" przepraszam" in my everyday speech with my co workers but I had no idea it was a verb with it's own set of inflections until now :)


Can I say "Jestem przepraszam"?


No, that doesn't make any sense.


Yes, "przepraszam" is 1st person singular of "przepraszać", "to apologize".

So "We're sorry", for example, would be "Przepraszamy".


No it doesnt make any sense


Can I say "Tak, mi przykro"?


'Mi' is an object pronoun, it should therefore not be placed in the beginning of a clause. "Tak, przykro mi." would be correct.


Dziękuję bardzo!


But you could say "Tak mi przykro." (no coma) meaning "I am so sorry." (Tak changes the meaning from Yes to so.)


Ah, I see. Like " Bardzo mi przykro" Thanks!


Maybe you know it, but just in case for others:

"Przepraszam" is either "I am sorry" as in "I apologize" or "Excuse me".

"Przykro mi" can sometimes be an apology, but it often (if not mostly) expresses "I feel sad that this sad thing happened to you", so it works for condolences or for "I'm sorry you got fired".


Thanks. These little subtleties are tricky!

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