"Bir kere"


January 1, 2016



What's the origin of kere? Is it related to the Arabic word "كرة kerreh" =once??


Yes, that's right.


Yes. And the synonym "defa" is also from Arabic (دفعة ). But "kez" is Turkish.


I sort of thought that every Arabic word that ends with Ta' Marboute "ة" and found its way to Turkish would be pronounced with a regular Ta'; like جمهورية =cumhuriyet, حرية =hürriyet, عدالة=adalet.


Some such words end in -at or -et in Turkish but others end in -a (e.g. sayfa < صهيفة; cuma < جمعة) or in -e (e.g. kere above; mesafe < مسافة).


It is sayfa not sahyfa "or maybe sahıyfa"?? and does it also mean a newspaper like in Arabic?? P.S.: it's "صحيفة" with حاء not هاء :)


It is "sayfa" in Turkish and it means "page" there.

Thanks for the correction; I copied and pasted from Nişanyan's dictionary but they must have spelled it wrong there :)

For the related word "sahaf" (a bookseller), they spelled the Arabic word right: "~ Ar ṣaḥḥāf صحّاف [#ṣḥf faˁˁāl mesl.] kitapçı < Ar ṣaḥīfa(t) صحيفة yazılı kâğıt, tomar, kitap"


I just saw that there is also the word sahife in Turkish which means "leaf" or "page".


sahife is a very very old fashioned version of sayfa. i've never seen it used in the meaning of 'leaf' though. but sometimes the word yaprak (leaf) itself means a piece of paper. so probably it means leaf in the meaning of 'paper'.


I got the meaning from Tureng... which is sometimes rather generous with synonyms. So I suppose it meant "leaf" as in "sheet of paper".


Teşekkürler :) what about safhe(t) "صفحة" also mean page in Arabic is it used in Turkish??


But there is a small difference between defa and دفعة, دفعة is pronounced differently from def'a and not defa but, It is very similar :) And also like Merhaba and مرحبا (Mar'aba). There are similar words between Arabic and Turkish and Hebrew also :)


`ayn got lost in Turkish pronunciation. Friday is "cuma" and not "cum`a"; time is "defa" and not "def`a", and so on.

The words were still borrowed from Arabic - the similarity is not coincidental.


İn Urdu and Punjabi language in İndia , sayfa is also called page.


What is kere literally means ?


It literally means "times".

For example,

Bir kere → once (one times), İki kere → twice, Üç kere →three times.

and so on.

You may use it to describe the frequency, or as a multiplication in arithmatic. (three times five → üç kere beş)


Can you use bir kez or not


Yes, you can. If it does not accepted, report it please


Is "bir kere" used to refer to • sg that only happened once and not twice, or • some far away time in the past which we don't know exactly when it was (like in tales)? Or both?


bir kere = bir defa = bir kez

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