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"Türkiye'deki yemekler çok güzel."

Translation:The food in Turkey is very nice.

January 1, 2016



Surely good would be iyi?


You could say iyi and it wouldn't be wrong, but güzel is a more normal way to say this kind of thing. Güzel is a very all-purpose compliment: to say that food is tasty, a place is beautiful, a girl is pretty, the weather is fine, etc... It's just the general word that comes to mind for all things like that.


Why not turkiye'de?


Same reason as I already said before. Nouns in the locative case by themselves cannot be modifiers. You need ki to make it into a modifier.


'The food is very nice in Turkey' should be added


I think this is the difference between turkiye'de and turkiye'deki I think what you wrote means "Turkiye'de yemekler cok guzel"


but whats the difference? wouldt it be the same meaning in english, no matter where "in turkey" stands?


No, It is not the same meaning, It literally means " The food (which is) in turkey is nice..

mesela; The restaurant that is in Istanbul is better = Istanbul'deki restoran daha iyi/guzel

so you went to a specific restaurant in Istanbul and you liked it, not all the restaurants are good but it is one specific restaurant that you liked.

back to the main sentence; Those specific dishes you ate in Turkey were so nice, so you be like "The food (that is) in turkey is very nice.

p.s; you can always omit (that/which is) in English and people would understand you though, But in Turkce, you can't do that cause it will give you a different meaning.

I hope that answer your question.


I wrote "Turkish food is very nice" Why is it wrong?


"Türkiye'deki" specifically implies "the food in Turkey" (possibly as opposed to Turkish food in the US of Germany).


The food which is in Turkey is very beautiful, was not accepted. Why?


Güzel can be translated as beautiful when you're speaking of a person. When talking about food, you should use "good", or "tasty" -- "beautiful" is not used for food.


Turkiye'deki ekmek harikulade ve THY'deki yemeklerde cok guzel.

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