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I can never get anywhere farther having to go back and redo lessons.

This is becoming frustrating. I can never seem to make progress because Duolingo dials back lessons I have completed.

Duolingo seems to hasty on requiring reviews in my opinion. What do you folks think?

2 years ago



I think things are added to the reviews, and they also pull in things from other lessons. I have had a time or two when I have to re fresh three or four things, but it doesn't take all that long and I'm better for it. It makes sense to me that the deeper you get into the tree, the slower you go, maintaining and mastering what you've already covered. It's part of the plan.

2 years ago

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You review to help to move your knowledge into your long term memory. Having said that, it is not mandatory to do all the revision immediately. You should do new lessons first and then revise as many skills as you have time for. It will not harm it to leave some for a few days.

Oh, and it should be "i cannot get any further". Father is your dad, pop, papa, the husband of your mother or a priest.

2 years ago

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I paid no attention to reviews until after I finished my tree. Only then did I go back and review and make everything gold again.

2 years ago


Only review things you are not 100% sure of. The rest can be reviewed later, if at all. It is not necessary, or required, to review things you are already confident in.

2 years ago