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  5. "Студенти люблять макарони."

"Студенти люблять макарони."

Translation:Students like pasta.

January 2, 2016



I'd say that "noodles" is the same as "pasta." In fact, I'm far more likely to use the word "noodles" than "pasta" if I'm asking one of my kids to grab some from the pantry. I'm a native English speaker.


Some languages (e.g. German) use the same word for "noodles" and "pasta", so I wouldn't be surprised if "noodles" was a correct translation here. Having said that, I'm also a native English speaker and I use "pasta" to refer to wheat or fresh egg stuff of any shape and I use "noodles" to refer to long thin dry stuff made of egg or rice.


Could macaroni be a good answer too? I define macaroni as short and bended pasta.

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