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  5. "Так, будь ласка."

"Так, будь ласка."

Translation:Yes, please.

January 2, 2016



My father, who was Ukrainian, never used будь ласка, but always used прошу. Not sure whether it was a regional preference though. Never got to find out.


Same, I only ever hear прошу.


Прошу is more popular in the west part of Ukraine and in Poland, and будь ласка are usually used in other areas


I think this would be more closely translated to English as "Yes, be a sweetheart." as in "Be a sweetheart and pass me the remote." and would be similarly less common to use.


I answered, "yes, you're welcome" and it was accepted, but another suggestion was "yes, please." These seem rather different, how is this phrase commonly used? Thank you!


depends on what you meant to say. If someone asks whether you want more salad you would answer "Так, будь ласка". I can't actually imagine a situation in which Tak, bud' laska could be translated as Yes, you're welcome. That would be Tak, proshu.

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