"Jestem na rogu ulicy."

Translation:I am on the corner of the street.

January 2, 2016

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I've never known a difference between a road and a street, they are used interchangeably in English so I'm terribly confused why I'm on the corner of the road is not accepted? Is there a different word for road in polish?


Yes, it's "droga", so "na rogu drogi".


How about "I am at the corner of the road?" Sorry for not reporting


We want to keep "street" and "road" separately. As a former Transport student, I know that they're different. As a pretty bad student, I'm unable to explain this difference :P


I'd say a street is always in a built up area with buildings next to it, whereas a road can be any surface for driving between places.


I agree. I still think "on the corner of the street" sounds more natural than "at the corner of the street" though.


OK, another sentence with "na rogu ulicy" already was changed to say "on the corner" in English, so I'll change this one as well. "at" will still be accepted, of course.

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