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"Öğretmen okul kuralları hakkında konuşacak."

Translation:The teacher will speak about the rules of the school.

January 2, 2016



Why can't "the teacher will talk about the school's rules" be accepted?


That was really annoying me because "okul kuralları" is a compound noun and therefore "school rules" should also be accepted.


Perhaps you had an error somewhere else? Otherwise, maybe there is a missing alternative?

"school rules" was accepted for me as a compound in the form of: "The teacher will talk about the school rules."


Why do I need "The school" instead of just "School"?


It was forgotten and I have since added it :) It sounds a little wrong to me, but it isn't incorrect I suppose.


Why is there no suffix on "school?" Isn't it the possessive of "rules?"


school is not a real possessor, it doesn't own the rules, in English too you'd say school rules and not school's rules. It's a compound, the first name acts like an adjective while the second name takes the genitive suffix. I give you more examples:

diş doktoru= (tooth doctor) dentist

senin diş doktorun= your dentist

güneş gözlüğü= sun glasses

senin güneş gözlüğün= your sun glasses

you see that the glasses belong to you not to the sun!


Excellent explanation. Thank you!


you're welcome :)


Why not okulun kuralları?

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