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Cross platform compatibility

Hi! with all of the wonderful Ideas I've heard on this forum, I haven't heard the issue of cross-platform compatibility raised. Specifically, I have not found a way for students using the Chinese language Apple iOS app to join my class. About a third of my Android app users can join classes from the app. The rest have legacy Android versions with no classes feature.

I tried to get them to sign in to the web site on a computer and join the class, hoping that their apps would then report their progress to classes the same as it does for the friends/tracking feature. This just created a new account, erasing their old progress, and they still were not in my class despite entering the fields correctly.

I see so much potential in this program, if only I could have the students using it on all their devices better able to report their progress to the class.

January 2, 2016



Hi Craig, Duolingo is compatible with Web, Android, iOS and Windows. As long as the app works on the device, everything should work well (including the classroom features). Can you send us a screenshot of this not working for them?


The app works in all platforms, this is not what I said. Specifically, there is no option to join classes in the legacy android app versions, or in IOS apps. If you go into "profile" on the newer (4.4+) android version devices, you can find a feature to join classes. This option does not exist in the version of the app that older android devices can use, or in any of the IOS apps, at least not the ones in Chinese. So most of my students can not use their personal devices to join my class, and I end up tracking their progress through the "friend" feature.


Can you tell us what version of the Android and iOS apps they have? The iOS app should have under "profile->progress sharing".

If this doesn't work, they can log in to the website and do it there, but they must use the same log in name as in their app (otherwise it will create a new account).


I will find out...I had not thought about the fact that their app stores might not be updating the apps as they should.

I'm having a hard time determining app version. How do you do this?


Hi Luis, I was wondering why I can't follow my friend. His name is Cj Anton, and his profile isn't private, he is on mobile and I am on pc. Is there something I could do that would let me follow him?


Please create a new discussion in the "Troubleshooting" forum, rather than commenting on a four year old discussion for Educators. Your question will be seen by a more appropriate audience that way, and you'll get better help more quickly.

Best of luck!


you are so right

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