"To małżeństwo"

Translation:This marriage

January 2, 2016

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    'The is a marriage' is for sure not a proper translation


    Gotta report that and the absence of the more correct "This is a marriage/It is a marriage".

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    if małżeństwo can mean couple, why is "This is a couple" not correct?


    Well, because it can only mean a very specific couple - a married one ;)

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    Sure, but the translation says 3 options - "marriage, couple, married couple", so the translation is either wrong or misleading.


    Deleted "couple" from the hints, then.


    This is very confusing. Either it is an expression meaning "this married couple" or it is a sentence meaning "This is a married couple" or an expression meaning "this marriage"


    It doesn't have a dot, so I deleted "This is a married couple", which is after all a sentence.

    But it can both mean "a married couple" as well as the idea of "marriage".

    Back to the "This is a married couple": in a sentence "This is Y", you can sometimes omit the verb. It's hard to say when it's okay and when it doesn't sound good. But theoretically, it could mean it, if only it had a dot at the end.


    I respectfully disagree Panie Marku: the fact that the phrase given isn't explicitly punctuated as a full sentence doesn't mean that it can't translate to anything that could be a full sentence: indeed, the remaining accepted translation, 'this marri[age/ed couple]' could also be said as a full sentence (in some sense at least, i.e. one that would need a full stop at the end), for example if it was the answer to the question, "Which marri[age/ed couple]?" but of course that doesn't mean that 'to małżeństwo' without a full stop should not be able to be translated to that either, because as you said, 'this marri[age/ed couple]' doesn't have to be a sentence on its own but can also be just part of one; however, so can the one you deleted, the 'this is a marri[age/ed couple]' one, namely if it's a clause of a sentence that also has other clauses, for example, it would be required not to have a full stop after it if it was the beginning of the sentence, "This is the marri[age/ed couple] I was telling you about." ~ "To małżeństwo o którym ci powiedziałem" I believe (although actually would one normally always include the 'jest' in that sentence?).


    Well, I guess that you are right, there's probably no harm in accepting it. Added back. Luckily Tree 2.0 will almost not have any such 'phrases' at all.

    For your sentence, I believe the best way would be to interpret "the" as "this" and to say "To jest to małżeństwo..." (This is this married couple...).


    Jellei, you give great counsel that is very helpful to progressing in learning a new language. Dziekuje ; ) Lubie your hint of how we should pay attention to whether it is an actual sentence with punctuation marks. (Genuis) dziekuje!


    I typed "This is a wedding" and got it wrong :-(


    Accepting "This is a marriage" is already a stretch (you don't have a dot at the end of the phrase here, so in fact it is rather a noun phrase "this marriage" and not a sentence). And "This is a wedding" is wrong.

    "wedding" is either "ślub" (the ceremony) or "wesele" (the wedding reception).

    "małżeństwo" is either the state of being married (Bob and Anne's marriage) or the married couple.


    I don't mean to sound rude or condescending, I'm geniunely curious, by the way. Sorry if my reply seemed that way.

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    I know you are saying “this is a marriage” is a stretch because the word małżeństwo it’s really describing a personal relationship between a couple. So I guess that an impersonal and general statement: “This is marriage” would be completely wrong?


    "małżeństwo" is either the state of being married, so the relationship indeed, or 'the married couple' (not necessarily newlyweds, simply two married people). The only problem I have is that this here is not a sentence, because it doesn't end with a dot. But ok, ADJD4 persuaded me to accept it. And if "This is a marriage" works, then "This is marriage" seems fine as well. Added.

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    Thanks for clarifying and also adding.


    It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about when you mentioned dots, but do you mean periods? Or are you still talking about something else?


    Yes, "periods" aka "full stops".


    I am a kid who is 9 years old so I have some spelling mistakes and I accidentally wrote marrieg instead of marriage and it says its wrong.


    That's two mistakes in one relatively short word. I'm not surprised the software didn't let it slide.

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