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What happens once a course is in beta?

I regularly check the incubator to see what new courses there are, and how the ones that are there are moving along. And I've noticed that, despite the German to English course's being there for about a month, it hasn't made any progress. I realise this just may be because there aren't any German speakers wanting to learn English on Duolingo, but I'm also curious as to what happens to a course in beta. (I've had moments where I wanted to start learning English from German just to try and help it out, but I was afraid I'd mess it up or something.) Anyway, thanks!

December 12, 2013



When a course is released in beta, it gets available on the website for everyone willing to try. Don't be shy, you won't mess it up. The status of beta is just warning you that the course may be far from perfect and you should be prepared to face mistakes and many valid translations not being accepted. Otherwise, it is a language course like any other.

After some time, when the team decides that the course is polished enough, it graduates from beta.

I started learning French when it was still in beta, and I liked it. Of course there were some bugs, but, as you can imagine, correcting mistakes and adding alternative translations is a gradual process that does not finish with the beta status.


I really don't have a clear idea of what is happening with the German to English beta. I can test it out, and can read the two posts given on it's beta page, but I don't feel re-assured that progress is being made.

EDIT: I just realized that it looks like I'm hijacking the conversation, but it's related... I am trying to convey that it's not clear what is happening in the current beta language, and there doesn't seem to be any proof that it's being polished or corrected.


It is rolled out as any other course on Duolingo. You don't have to wait for any messages in the Incubator, but if you want to try this course, just choose it in your settings here. It is corrected just like any other course - through user reports and suggestions.


Honestly I don't think you could mess up a course, you'd be a great help, so I suggest you do learn it.


Will the Beta (looking forward to Swedish) be available though the tablet applications or website ONLY


website only which sucks cause the mic on my computer does not work


How do I try a course in beta?


wanna learn esperanto

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