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  5. "Czy ten kapelusz jest drogi?"

"Czy ten kapelusz jest drogi?"

Translation:Is this hat expensive?

January 2, 2016


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Is this an expensive hat?


"Czy to jest drogi kapelusz?"


To help me with "czy" and forming the question i translate "czy" as english "so" followed by the statement in a questioning tone.

So, this hat is expensive? = Czy ten kapelusz jest drogi = Is this hat expensive?

I know "so" is not a valid translation but more a trick to help me understand "czy" and then form or translate the question.


Well, if it works for you... but it really seems contradictory, because it makes you sound as if you're almost certain that this hat is indeed expensive, but in the Polish sentence you have no clue about that...


Czy seems like est-ce-que in French. Makes sense if you are familiar with that.


Czy is only used in polar questions (yes-no-questions), whereas your proposed french counterpart is more versatile.

For example, you can't translate "Qu'est-ce que c'est?" using czy.


True - hadn't thought of that one. No, I can see that 'czy' wouldn't do that. More like 'Is it true that?' in English. Though we have easier ways of saying that :-) But this is one of the the charms of learning a foreign language - sometimes people just do things differently and you can learn from that, too.


I'm german, i translate "czy" with german "ob"

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