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  5. "You eat meat in Iran."

"You eat meat in Iran."

Translation:İran'da et yersin.

January 2, 2016



Why not "iran'da sen et yersin"? It marked the "sen" as a mistake but provided no explanation


My 'Sen İran'da et yersin' was accepted, at least. If I had begun my sentence with 'İran'da', though, I would have probably omitted 'sen' like they did in their main translation. I can only guess it is more natural this way: most of the time, either you begin your sentence with the subject pronoun or you omit it (I may have invented that rule, though). But of course, some flexibility is allowed to be able to stress a word, so your version should probably be accepted.


"İran'da sen et yersin" is right too. If you report it, I think they will add it.

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