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  5. "Ein Apfel und eine Orange"

"Ein Apfel und eine Orange"

Translation:An apple and an orange

January 2, 2016



Hey can someone tell me how to distinguish between masculine and feminine in FRUITS and other stuff

May 26, 2018


You generally just have to learn the grammatical gender that goes with each word. There are some patterns, but almost no strict rules.

November 22, 2018


Why don't we use "einen" with apfel?

May 20, 2016


That depends on the grammatical case:

Nominativ: "ein Apfel" (Ein Apfel liegt auf dem Tisch.)
Genetiv: "eines Apfels" (Die Farbe eines Apfels ...)
Dativ: "einem Apfel" (In einem Apfel war ein Wurm.)
Akkusativ: "einen Apfel" (Ich gebe dir einen Apfel.)

In the exercise nominative case is used.

May 20, 2016


But should'nt it be "Einen Apfel". I'm not sure I understood the accusative case

May 12, 2019


I'm not sure I understood the accusative case

The main uses of the accusative case are:

  • for the direct object of a verb
  • after certain prepositions such as für "for"

Since there's nothing here that would require the accusative (or any particular) case, use the nominative case, which is the "default" case when quoting words or phrases out of context.

May 12, 2019


The different 'eine' and 'ein' ??

January 2, 2016


"eine" is a indefinite female article --->>> "eine Orange" (die Orange - fem)

"ein" is a indefinite male and neuter article --->>> "ein Apfel (der Apfel - mas) | ein Brot" (das Brot - neu)

"eine" and "ein" always represent only the amount "one" and can therefore be used only in the singular

January 2, 2016


In nominative case you use "eine" with female words and "ein" with male and neuter words

January 2, 2016


I gave the answer "one apple and an orange" wouldn't this be correct to?

April 10, 2018


Of the fruit begins with a vowel,its an

May 19, 2018


My mother told me that another way to say Orange is "Apfelsine". Does someone know which one of those is the most used?

August 5, 2018


Apfelsine is used pretty much only in the north, Orange everywhere:

December 21, 2018
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