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French movies or songs please

My sister faces difficulties in learning french. Can you suggest me any french movies or songs in order she learns easier? <3 Thank you in advance

January 2, 2016



Check out Dernière Danse by Indila


It's a common and rightfully a very good recommendation I have seen on Duo. It was my first French song ever! Worth checking out. Lyrics are simple enough for beginners, which also develops listening.


Cartoon movies

because they choose the easiest words to learning ( you can find that on you tube ) :D


Hi there, I'm doing that as well. Learning French. And movies are a great help.

I'd give you two of the best movies I know.

First would be a really really great film called "la haine"

The second called "un prophète"

And for music search for ZAZ on YouTube.

Best of luck



Thank you, guys! Merci!


She can listen to : - Dionysos - Mademoiselle K for example

The singer from Dionysos wrote a book and directed an animated movie called "Jack et la mécanique du coeur" and I like it a lot, there are songs from the band in it. I think it's great because it changes from "regular" movies. Watching disney movies is extremely helpful, and you can find them easily on the internet ?

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There was an old show called "French in Action" that may be available on DVD or NetFlix. It is actually a structured learning program and is fun!


Thanks for the recommendation, this will surely help anyone learning french irrespective of his/her level. I just watched a few minute of the episode one on Youtube, and i like it so far, it's almost like Mind your language, but just that it isn't funny like Mind your language.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcvavO5y8LU&list=PLwV06bsstK5tnAeVbvyP6lh7O3Qopvw_C This is a link to the video on Youtube.

If in case anyone seeing this comment knows of any french series which is like the Mind your language series, kindly help post it here. Thanks once again.

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