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No 'Tips and Notes' past Demonstratives skill

None of the skills after the Demonstratives and Defining skills in the Polish tree have any grammar notes. Is this a mistake?

January 2, 2016



You know that it is still beta, right?


Other courses came into beta with their notes done. I'm not faulting the Polish team, I'm just saying that just because it's in Beta doesn't mean it can't have completed notes.


Yes, it's beta, I hope they'll fix it.


Yes, it's a mistake. They should fix it, but Polish course is in beta, so there might be some mistakes.


They are adding them as they go. It's possible to do the tree without them, though I shall be glad to go back through with a little more grammar help ;)


There are plenty of resources on the Internet for Cases. My advice is to create essentially your own "Cheat Sheet" documenting the endings for each case and have it handy to reference. I found that being forced to create my own Cheat Sheet helped me a lot and that over time I have to use it less and less. Eventually the notes will be there, but that's the price of wanting to be ahead of the crowd. ;)

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