"Nie śpię, ponieważ jest dzień."

Translation:I am not sleeping, because it is daytime.

January 2, 2016

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Can anyone elaborate on the differences between the many words for "because" we are learning? (bo, dlatego że, ponieważ...)

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    I asked the same question in the Duolingo Polish Learners Facebook group. Here was the response I got:

    "Bo" i "ponieważ" are interchangeable. "Ponieważ" is a bit more formal.

    "Dlatego" is slightly different. Together with "że" (in the phrase "dlatego, że") it means just "because", same as "bo" and "ponieważ". However, when it stands alone, it's more like "this is why".

    Some examples:

    Jem, bo jestem głodny. = I am eating because I am hungry.

    Jem dlatego, że jestem głodny. = I am eating because I am hungry.

    Jem, ponieważ jestem głodny. = I am eating because I am hungry.

    Jestem głodny, dlatego jem. – I am hungry, that's why (or: therefore) I am eating.


    Thanks! That is very helpful. From what I can tell, it seems like "dlatego, że" would literally be "therefore (or: for this reason), that" i.e. "I am eating for this reason: that I am hungry." Which is certainly awkward in English, but I personally find it really helpful to understand the literal meaning of more idiomatic phrases :)


    There are none real difference. 'bo' sometimes sounds weird (or maybe too casual) in some sentences, like the one above.


    To add to that, the tendency I've seen is that ponieważ seems more natural for matter-of-fact type statements (like this one), whereas Bo tends to show up in casual conversation a bit more naturally. Also, if you're using the Vocative case, Bo is the only one that sounds right.


    What do you mean by vocative case? like sirwootalotcie, ponieważ zwykle mądrze piszesz, to Ci odpowiem.

    Or do you mean shout BO JA TAK MÓWIĘ! (BECAUSE I SAY SO).


    Yes, the second one!


    I don't sleep because it is daytime. Was marked wrong.how would you say that then?


    I think the English sounds odd in your sentence. "I don't sleep/I am not sleeping" both= "nie śpię" but "I do not sleep" implies something habitual in English whereas "since it is daytime" means "at the current time..." so the two clauses are mismatched.


    Please do not follow the intonation. The stress should be on "nie", not on "śpię".


    Also: I'm not asleep, becauae it's daytime should be correct answer.


    Why not, added.


    Why not "I'm not sleeping as it's daytime"? As and because mean exactly the same here

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      I also suggest "since" which is interchangeable with "as" when it is a conjunction.


      Makes sense, added.


      "I don't sleep because it is a day" - why wrong?


      Codziennie, w każdej chwili, jest jakiś dzień. Myślę, że w tym zdaniu musi chodzić jednak o "porę dzienną", przeciwieństwo nocy.


      "I am not sleeping, for it is daytime"? Should this not be accepted?


      I guess it's fine, added now.


      Bold of you to assume that in my case... :)

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