"Elas comem um lanche."

Translation:They eat a snack.

January 12, 2013

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It's always been confusing to me, between "lanche" and "almoƧo". Lanche sounds so much like lunch LOL


Whenever I go to Sao Paulo and I order a "lanche" I am served a sandwich. Why is it wrong here?


Why is this not 'Eles comem um lanche'? From my (limited) understanding the male form is used for both male and the general 'they'. I have trouble understanding why the female form is used here, unless the phrase refers to a group of women. If so it is impossible for us to know this.


The female form is used because the group is consisted only of girls. If a group has 9 girls and one guy it is called "eles". Talk about sexism, eh...


they have a snack? why not, i think in english it's weird to use they eat a snack


And why can it not apply to the masculine form? I find it very difficult to distinguish between eles and elas, that computer voice again.


For me, the key to hearing the difference is in the first syllable of ele/ela. Ele sounds like "EH-leh" and ela sounds like "EEL-ah"

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