"Pamiętasz twoją siostrę?"

Translation:Do you remember your sister?

January 2, 2016



‘Well yeah, can’t really forget a kiss like that.’

‘TMI, Luke.’

January 9, 2016


This should probably be "Pamiętasz swoją siostrę?"

January 2, 2016


Swoją sounds more natural, yet twoją is correct too.

January 2, 2016


You certainly can form questions in English without the use of a pronoun: 'got a pen?' is one simple example. It may be a colloquialism to phrase a question in this way, but it is not so informal as to be considered slang. Whether or not Duolingo accepts colloquialisms is a different issue.

January 29, 2017


nie pamietam "pamietać"

July 23, 2016


What's wrong about "remember your sister?"

January 17, 2016


In English you usually need the verb "do" at the beginning of a sentence if it's a question. If you say "remember your sister" in Enlgish, it is imperative (pamiętaj twoją siostrę).

Unfortunately, you can't form a question by just adding a question mark or adding intonation in English.

Hope that helps :)

January 25, 2016


In colloquial English you can, although I guess it wouldn't be technically correct.

January 26, 2016


I keep running into this, and not just with Polish... I'm finding out that my "accent" I grew up with is really more of a dialect! (yah, ferrsherr)

January 27, 2016


Well you can and there are many examples. Got it? Seen it? Eaten it? Been there? Driving? Walking? Asleep? Awake? ...

February 13, 2018


Uhhh i didnt get a choice to put the word "your"

June 1, 2018


So you had the 'puzzle exercise' and there was no "your"? If you encounter such a problem again, can you take a screenshot, upload it to some hosting page and post it in the discussion? Because that would be a major bug.

June 3, 2018


Nice question, especially for Sherlock....

October 7, 2018
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