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"Kiedy, gdzie, kto i dlaczego - to pytania."

Translation:When, where, who and why - these are questions.

January 2, 2016



Why isn't "to" in the plural form?


The phrase To jest/ to są doesn't change with gender or if the noun is singular or plural.


Why is kiedy, gdzie, kto i dlaczego, to są pietania wrong? do i have to add a - even though it was a listening exercise?


You misspelled "pytania", that's the only wrong thing.

Duolingo doesn't assess punctuation, so "-" doesn't really matter. Although I'd encourage everyone to use punctuation correctly ;)


I may not omit to?


And have "Kiedy, gdzie, kto i dlaczego - są pytania"? No, on the right side of the dash you still need a full sentence, which needs a subject: "to".

Perhaaaaaaps you could go with "są pytaniami", but then you'd need to put every one of those question words in inverted commas, as here: "Kiedy", "gdzie", "kto" i "dlaczego" są pytaniami.


I see. pytaniami then of course. But that is what I meant. Thanks.
And since those was marked wrong - what would it be? Tamte?


No, in "these/those are questions", both "these" and "those" are dummy pronouns, they both translate to "to". "those" should have been accepted.

If it was "those questions", then yes, it would translate to "tamte".

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