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"Der Investor trinkt den dritten Wein."

Translation:The investor drinks the third wine.

January 12, 2013



The investor is tasting samples for a possible shipment of wine and is at his third chateau. There are probably some 20 more to taste.

[deactivated user]

    You are on the right track, but for tasting wine(s) the Germans use more appropriately: "verkosten", "probieren", and "schmecken".

    The tasting is: "die Verkostung".

    Good sentences would be: "Der Investor verkostet den dritten Wein." or if he just drinks: "Der Investor trinkt das dritte Glas Wein."


    The investor is apparently investing in Icelandic banks


    It does (in German). The investor drinks the third (glass of) wine, Where's a problem?


    I realize this is for learning purposes, but this makes no sense.


    Let's say someone is looking to invest in a winery. They have a selection of their wines to sample. The investor would try the first wine, then the second, then the third... etc.


    ... after which, he invested in Enron stocks.


    Is there anywhere that breaks down exactly when to use "den"? It's kind of embarrassing that I was supposed to have learned it a few lessons back and still haven't grasped it.


    I think the basic idea is that Der becomes Den whenever the masculine noun is the last object in the sentence, aka the accusative. So essentially whenever there is a sentence that is talking about something happening to a noun, and if the noun is masculine, you use den.

    Example: Der Mann isst den Apfel.

    This is also why Einen is used instead of Ein. Exactly the same rule applies to masculine nouns.

    Der Mann isst einen Apfel

    (Disclaimer: I am a beginner in German too and so this might not be the most correct explanation but its worked for me so far)


    why is this dritten instead of dritte?

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