Need Partners to Practice German

I am truly enjoying the language learning process with Duolingo. I am currently on level 6 and 11% fluent (whatever that means).

But I am very aware that having someone to practice German with will make the process a lot more productive and rewarding. I am looking for native German speakers looking to learn English or people learning German that would like to practice 2 hours a week on Facebook videochat.

If you are interested in shoot me an email at

Auf weidersehen!

January 3, 2016


If you have skype add me on it my username is jamaldabeaver. Me and about 8 others learning German have made a groupchat and I can add you to it if you want. There you can practice

January 3, 2016

Sound great. my username is richieferz

January 4, 2016
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