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Translations from English to Spanish for English speakers

Hello Duolingo! I'm really enjoying my time spent here. Since I finished all the learning blocks I do translations, that I enjoy even more, because you can do them, no matter what level of Spanish you are. The thing I'd like to see on Duolingo are translations from English to Spanish, because that would be so called "active" learning of the language. While learning only from Spanish to English we can find ourselves in a situation when we're not being able to recall the correct Spanish word (while speaking for example), but only remember the meaning while seeing something in Spanish. On the other hand I believe we have a little conflict of interest here. Since we are here to translate the Internet, the best way to do it is to encourage natives to translate to their own language, what results in better translation. But why don't you give us an opportunity to do it the other way, but, for example, giving it less weight to what Spanish natives translate. Thanks for at least thinking it over.

Regards, xklakoux

January 12, 2013



You can already do this if you learn english through spanish. You have to change your stats to "i want to learn english (yo sé español)" and you can do that type of translations over there. Your duolingo will change to spanish but you can always come back to english without losing your points or data. Hope it helps. Good bye!


Sure, I'm aware of that. But that's a different thing, I want it to be an element of learning Spanish not English ;).

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