"I do not have any toothpaste."

Translation:Nie mam pasty do zębów.

January 3, 2016

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Why can't I use any of the suggestions for "any". I wrote: ja nie mam jakikolwiek pasty do zębów


Pasta is feminine. Possible translations of any:

  • sg masculine - jakikolwiek
  • sg feminine - jakakolwiek
  • sg neuter - jakiekolwiek
  • pl masculine - jacykolwiek
  • pl non-masculine - jakiekolwiek

Of course, unfortunately you must decline each of them. The declension is the same as for jaki, jaka, jakie etc. (like without -kolwiek). That's why here, it should be "Nie mam jakiejkolwiek pasty do zębów" (sg feminine genitive, because of the negation).
Also, żadnej insted of jakiejkolwiek would be better here. Polish language just loves multiple negation :)


Shouldn't the sentence to translate be "I do not have toothpaste", since we haven't learned how to use the various words for "any" yet?

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