"Qual é o dormitório?"

Translation:Which dormitory is it?

January 12, 2013



my answer, "which one is the bedroom?", was graded incorrect. However, I understood the question as if it was asking to clarify which one was the bedroom (or dormitory) out of other rooms. Hopefully I make sense... :)

February 26, 2013


they should accept many different answers

March 27, 2013


Perhaps it was marked incorrect because "dormitório" is not "bedroom", and not because of your phrase construction...?

March 28, 2013


I think "bedroom" is a perfectly acceptable translation for "dormitório" or "quarto".

March 28, 2013


Depends on how precise you want to be. For learning purposes, I think you should be as much as you can. "Dormitory is a specific type of bedroom, destined for a bunch of people, as in a boarding school, a barrack or something like that.

March 29, 2013


Does this sentence really mean "Which dormitory is it?" Shouldn't it rather be "Which one is the dormitory?" I am a bit unsure how these two would be expressed and whether the given answer is correct.

January 12, 2013


It's the same translation in Portuguese for both those sentences.

January 14, 2013


One more for "Which one is the bedroom". It sounds like a correct translation of the Portuguese sentence.

March 8, 2013


Bad exercise. They should use a clearer, less open to interpretation sentence.

June 14, 2013


How can "What is the dormitory" be right? If you want to know what a dormitory is, you write "What is a dormitory"?

July 22, 2013
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