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  5. "İlerideki bankadan sağa dön!"

"İlerideki bankadan sağa dön!"

Translation:Turn right after the bank up ahead!

January 3, 2016



"Turn right at the bank up ahead" -- ""İlerideki bankada sağa dön!"

"Turn right before the bank up ahead?" -- "İlerideki bankadann önce sağa dön!"

The ablative case by itself will normally give the meaning of "from" or "after" :)


is this really "bankadann" with 2 n-s, or is that just a typo?


You say the ablative gives the meaning of "from" or "after". I finally understood the differences of all the sentences you gave us for example, but "Turn right from the bank up ahead" had not been accepted. Is it just a missing alternative or is it wrong for any reason?


Thank you. That helps.


How do you say: Turn right AT the bank up ahead? Turn right BEFORE the bank up ahead?

For some reason, I find this particular sentence really confusing. How do you know it's after the bank?


I put' turn right up ahead after the bank.' It was wrong ?


'Turn right after the bank which is up ahead


I put- turn right after the bank up ahead incorrect

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