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  5. "фильм для взрослых"

"фильм для взрослых"

Translation:an adult movie

January 3, 2016



Glad I don't teach in a public school.


There is nothing wrong with such material in and of itself. It is only bad to take advantage of the people that are in the movie.


Does this simply mean a movie aimed at an adult audience or is this as in English a euphemism for a "particular genre"?


it's a pornographic movie


Haha, that's what I was wondering!


I'd say it is more of a euphmeism, though для взрослых still retains it original meaning. The euphmeism is sort of natural because the only films we normally call "films for adults" happen to be those that contain lots of "indecent" material rather than themes and issues only adults will embrace. I wonder if we ever have separate groups of adult films for kids, for adults and for middle-aged people. :)

In times when yours truly was little, «мультфильм для взрослых» ("animated film for adults") was a widely used term. It owes to the fact that at some point during the 20th century animation started to be perceived as something aimed at kids—thus, a film targeted at a more mature audience should have been explicitly presented as such.


"Animated film for adults" means an entirely different thing in Japan ;)


So in other words, this is a euphemism for porn.


Could be, but not necessarily. For example, something like Human centipede or even Deadpool could be called a movie for adults.


Schindler's List, I'd say is an adult film.


your photo is hilarious


In American English, there is a definite difference between "an adult film" (hard-core or soft-core porn, or a movie with nudity and sex) and "a film for adults" (a movie perhaps with allusions to sex which has serious themes which would not appeal to children, e.g., "Doctor Zhivago", "Lawrence of Arabia", "Far from the Madding Crowd", etc.)

If the Russian does not refer to some form of porn, the "adult film/movie" should be removed as a viable translation.


Thanks a lot !!! How do you type boldletters ?


Oh, Duoliongo uses the fairly common Markdown.

How you do it

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Wow is 'для взрослых' hard to say or is that just me?


It's a tongue twister


my favourite kind


Regardless of the nuances of the meaning here, you must surely admit that those consonant clusters are very difficult for new Russian speakers to get our tongues around...


Oh, yes. My tongue and even my body ached for the whole week... as if I had exercised in a sportclub!


*lenny face intensifies*


Порн Хаб?


does this mean a film for adults like R rated, or literally an Adult movie AKA porno?


This has been discussed above.


it wasn't thoroughly explained above, that's why I asked again.


Oh, sorry. Basically it means a film that contains adult content, not necessarily porn but one containing sexual content/violence to an extent that it's inappropriate for children. It doesn't mean just a film that younger audiences will find uninteresting.


so how can I say an adult film as opposed to "a film for adults"


No special term for "a film for adults" it is assumed all films for adults exept for "детский фильм" or "фильм для детей".


I'm afraid I'm getting a bit out of my depth here. I'm just paraphrasing what I've read from others more knowledgeable than me :-) I would say this sentence will be understood as an "adult film". If you mean a film targeted at adult audiences, rather than an adult film, I don't know how you would say that.


You can say 'взрослый фильм' meaning it's not for kids and only adults will understand it


I thought a film for grown ups might work...but no!


so did I... could anyone tell if it works or not?! thanks:)


In English, "an adult movie" is a XXX movie - aka a porno flick. It would never mean an R-rated movie. So, am I correct in assuming this means a pornographic movie?


not necessarily. It can be that, but it can also be a movie that is not suitable for kids.


I disagree, at least for American English, where an "adult movie" is some form of porn or with explicit reference to sex. A movie for adults might be "Saving Private Ryan", but that is definitely not an "adult movie" - not in the US, at least.


I agree with Jeffrey855877. Parallel to this, the word "adult" in "adult bookstore" means that the books have a sexual content, not that they are about philosophy and quantum physics.


Oh, by the way, it is the other way in Russian. Взрослый фильм is definitely a slightly awkward way to refer to a mature, serious film (in contrast to summer blockbusters, or in contrast to earlier works by the same director).

The phrase only works as a euphemism in that exact wording. Фильм для взрослых.


Hey guys stop talking about porno. It's gross and stupid.


A documentary about dams in Brazil...I’d bet no kind wants to watch that, including me.


Unless they go to see it, thinking the title is "Dames of Brazil". Thatd be the only time theyd see it.


Any native speakers in? Would you just as easily say порнофильм if it was that you meant? How important is it to be ”proper and polite”?


Let's ask Rocco or Ron Jeremy for their two cents.


What is this adjective ending doing on a noun?


OK, thanks. I suppose you just have to know which they are to get the right ending on it!


Лол я глупый, I couldn't figure out the meaning from the word bank and just chose 'movie when adult', thinking it was the best option.


So what's the "для" for, it does not make any sence at all..


It is "a movie for adults", literally.


This is such a difficult phrase to pronounce!


In everyday we're going further from god


Is взрослых in genitive? It looks more like instrumental or so, but I thought after для takes genitive


Yes, it is the Genitive.

The Instrumental is used with a small number of prepositions:

  • с (со) "with"
  • за "behind, after"
  • перед (передо) "in front of, before"
  • над (надо) "above"
  • под (подо) "under"
  • между "between"

Well, меж and пред if you want old-fashioned options, too.

That's it. Essentially, с, за, перед, над, под and между.

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