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"Sie werden ihr Haus anbieten."

Translation:They are going to offer their house.

December 12, 2013



But how can one distinguish if it is 'their' or 'her'?

[deactivated user]

    You can't. It's ambiguous. That's why either translation is accepted.


    What's the difference between bieten and anbieten?


    Bieten = place a bid (for example in an auction) anbieten = offer (something)


    For me it's like:

    anbieten is a more specific kind of offering. Like 'Can I offer you a juice?' Bieten is more general 'Can I offer you a drink?'

    What kind of drink?

    Last examples: Die Schule anbietet einen Deutschkurz. V.S Die Schule bietet viele Kurse

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    Ihr is a possessive adjective? Could it be mistaken here for a pronoun? offer the house to her? or would it then need an article with Haus?

    [deactivated user]

      "Haus" would have to be preceded by a determiner.


      One of the currently accepted translations is "They will offer her House". Is this acceptable English without the article? And is it really possible to understand the German sentence in this way (again, without the article)?

      EDIT: Okay... this was just me being dumb. Somehow the possessive meaning of "ihr"/"her" did not register at all, and I was just trying to somehow forcefully fit in "ihr" = "to her".


      Why not "they are going to offer up their house"?


      That's what I put


      'Sie werden ihr Haus anbieten' - how to know if it is 'They' or 'She' in this sentence?


      Verbs in German conjugate depending on the subject, ‘she’ is third person singular, so the verb would become ‘wird’.


      Why can't I say "They are to offer their house"?


      Are going to offer... You meabt, but this offer is incomplete and horribly ambiguous. Bad example


      Wie sagt man ''You will be offered her house''? Ist ''Sie werden Ihr Haus angeboten geworden?'' Korrekt?


      "Sie werden ihr Haus angeboten werden" (anbieten is passive in sentence, not werden). However I don't know whether the passive can be used that way in German (that is, to make the indirect object into a subject). "Ihr Haus wird Ihnen angeboten werden" instead is definitely correct.


      Thank you, Ly_Mar. What you say is helpful and acceptable. However, I want to know whether the sentence '' ''Sie werden Ihr Haus angeboten geworden?'' is correct.


      Again, not in that form: the second "werden" doesn't need to be perfect participle, it has to be infinitive (because that is how you make the future in German: werden + infinitive). So "Sie werden ihr Haus angeboten werden" is the correct form. Also, and I notice it just now, there is no need to capitalise "ihr".

      (Again, someone else will have to tell whether the sentence is correct in its entirety, but the last "geworden" is definitely incorrect and needs to be werden)


      You need to review many of your sentences !


      The German is clear to me, I lived in a German speaking country, but I sm English and your translation, just doesn't make proper sense. Bad example, is it being put on the market, offered to someone... You need to say in English, it's just a half thought as is.


      The speech was not working for this one on my PC - no problem with any of the others however.

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