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"Although I eat vegetables, I am not strong."

Translation:Chociaż jem warzywa, nie jestem silny.

January 3, 2016



Choć and chociaż are both accepted. Can anyone tell me the difference? Are they interchangeable?


When used as a conjunction, what is the difference between 'though' and 'although'? ;-) "Chociaż" and "choć" are synonyms so they are interchangeable, but my feeling is, you will see more "Chociaż" at the beginning of the sentence(similarly to 'although' in English – though both aren't a rule, just commonly used so).


they are, you don't have to worry.


"(po)mimo, że" or "mimo, iż" should be also allowed.


as in 'mimo, iż jem warzywa, nie jestem silny'?


I answered "Chociaż jem warzywa, to nie jestem silny". I added the "to" based on a comment in a discussion I just read, but my answer was marked wrong. Did I misunderstand the discussion, or is the actually correct?


That does make sense, added.


in Polish you don`t have to add 'ja' =I because 'jem' is the first person singular of the verb 'jeść'


Ohoho. Ktoś się tu dużo uczy :-)


Of course you aren't. Where's the protein?!


You're very badly informed about nutrition. Unless you're trolling, based on the use of "?!".


There are more and more irritating bugs and odd things happening with the app.

  • Those answers' popups that are not swipeable up and down anymore are a major flaw. What then if one cannot even check what was wrong with one's answers?

  • I have been noticing many times that my answers were marked correct even though there was a mistake in it. It gives me a correct answer green popup with the due spelling even though my spelling was wrong. So if you dont pay attention, you think you were correct even if not.

  • the space that is used to type one's answer is sometimes so thin that you cannot even see what you are typing.

And all of this is not being bettered as I keep doing app updates.

I'm paying for duo plus. And it happens I regularly pay to repair my streak as I also see it as a way to support the app. But it's becoming irritating and frustrating not be able to go with the learning in a fluid flow as it should be.

Sorry, I know you lot are just moderators here, and my remarks should address the devellopers but I left posts on forums and even emailed duolingo but unsuccesfully.


Does "aczkolwiek" work in place of "chociaż"?


I don't think so, although frankly, I am not sure. But I think it mostly means "although" when "but" also makes sense.

It's a pretty bookish word, anyway.


These sentences are so outdated ...its embarrassing


Jem warzywa jednak nie jestem silny - is this an acceptable answer?


It's very close in meaning, but I think it's a bit too different to be accepted here: it's more like "I eat vegetables, [but/however] I am not strong".


How do I say this sentence as a female? Is silny used for both males and females, or should I use silna?


Every adjective has a masculine and a feminine (and neuter, and 'masculine personal plural', and 'not masculine-personal plural') variant, so "silny" is used for men and "silna" for women.


I used silna and it counted it wrong, so I got confused. Is silna a possible answer available in this section?


It should be accepted!


Yes, it's an ex aequo 'best answer' here.

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