"Я его ждала."

Translation:I have been waiting for him.

January 3, 2016

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Translate, please: "Я ждал тебя (я все еще тут и говорю тебе это)", "Я его ждала (но уже не жду и говорю об этом кому-то)". "Я его ждала" - "I have waited for him" - Is it not correct? Thanks a lot.

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You are correct.
I have waited for him - я ждала его (какое-то время, вплоть до настоящего момента и возможно буду продолжать ждать). Почему-то, однако этот вариант не внесен в список правильных ответов.


Why Isn't the translation as "I was waiting for him"?


I think that's fine, too.


why i say я его ждала but also я ждала тебя, when the pronoun is before the verb and when after?


the cool thing about russian is that you can play with the word order and it still makes sense. so in ur case, if im correct, u could say я его/тебя ждала and я ждала его/тебя. the subject, the verb and the object are still crystal clear


Why not "I have waited for him?"


it is also a possible translation


Why not, "I waited on him" or "I have been waiting on him"?


It's fine - but uncommon. In the UK and most parts of the US "to wait on someone" is understood as "to serve someone". (I think the Russian term for that is "обслу́живать" but I'm not sure.) However, in some parts of the U.S. (mainly in the South) "wait on" is commonly used as a synonym for "wait for" so I'd argue it's an acceptable translation (at least in Texas...). Although, personally, I wouldn't use "wait on" in place of "wait for". "Wait for" is less ambiguous and much more widely used.


So, why did it not allow my "Я его ждал" if it's in the masculine? It said "nope, has to be ждала"


I assume (given that you're posting in this discussion) that you got this sentence as a listening / transcription exercise, in which case what was read to you is "Я его ждала," and that's what you have to type.


Nope, it was multiple choice. Had both available, I went for the masculine, told me I was wrong.


Multiple choice where you had to pick one word or the whole sentence?


I put "I was waiting on him" and it was marked wrong.


Я русский но не могу это перевести на английский без ошибок, я думаю перевод не правильный.


Is the Russian really in the Past Perfect Continuous?


Ждать is imperfective verb, is that relevant>?


Why not для него?


"Ждать" doesn't require any preposition. It already means "to wait for", so don't translate "for" separately.

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