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"Ellos pueden buscar a los trabajadores."

Translation:They can look for the workers.

4 years ago



Why is it that sometimes the article translates to English and sometimes it doesn't matter? I put "they can look for workers," and got it wrong because I neglected to say "the workers". Previously, there was a sentence "a las mujeres les gusta hablar" and it translated to "women like to talk". Why not "the women"?

4 years ago


In the first case the workers refers to a specific set of workers however in the second case, women refers to all women and is therefore a generalization.

3 years ago


I have also used the verb "buscar" meaning "to search", but it marked that translation incorrect.

4 years ago


You wouldn't use buscar to say "they can search the workers." There's a different verb for that particular usage. However, if you were saying "they can search for the workers" that should be allowed.

1 month ago


You don't have to say "buscar a" because buscar directly translates to "to look for," meaning that it does not require a preposition to follow it. But it is technically correct either way.

4 years ago


I believe in this case the "a" is not a preposition (or the English equivalent of "to"), but instead it is a "personal a," required because the workers are humans.

4 years ago


"They are able to look for the workers" - should this also be accepted?

2 years ago


They can find the workers is accepted. These are 2 mutually exclusive statements WTF?

3 days ago