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  5. "Nasza podróż jest za długa."

"Nasza podróż jest za długa."

Translation:Our journey is too long.

January 3, 2016



In this context, does podróż mean jus the time actively travelling to somewhere, or does it refer to a whole trip to a destination and back, possibly with many days staying at the destination ("a trip" in colloquial English)? I ask because I'm not sure what this sentence means. Is the speaker saying they're unhappy with how long it's taking to get somewhere, or are they saying that they're unhappy with how long they're spending away from home? (Or, I guess, can it mean both?)


It can mean both. For "trip" you can use "wycieczka".


Thanks! I guess „podróż” would be used where context made the sentence's meaning clear. So to say unambiguously that the whole trip is too long, it would be „Nasza wycieczka jest za długa”?


ok, podróż must be feminine since nasza and długa have the feminine ending


Yes indeed.


interesting how za is parallel to German zu in that both mean 'for' and 'too'


is there a difference beween "za" and 'zbyt?" thanks.


They are almost always interchangeable. There are some situations when only one should be used, but I don't expect such a situation to happen in this course. If one of them (when meaning "too") won't be accepted, ask there.


thanks it is very helpfull


Why does the voice have an upward inflection, as if she's asking a question?


Because the Text to Speech technology is still very far from perfect :| Many sentences here sound like that although they shouldn't.


Why is "voyage" not accepted? A voyage is a long journey, which would go well with "za dluga".


Hm... Ok, why not. Added.

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