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"Он будет в отпуске в сентябре."

Translation:He will be on vacation in September.

January 3, 2016



I put "He will be on a vacation in September." and it was wrong.


English idiom: "on vacation". "On a vacation" refers to a specific vacation, like a trip to some specific location. The Russian appears more general.


Summer has gone so fast, the innocent can never last. Wake me up when September ends...


Not sure about US or UK English, but in Canadian English, "on leave" usually implies a longer break from work, such as for maternity or sickness.


In the US, "on leave" usually refers to military leave, when soldiers are permitted to be away from their units on their own.

The kind of leave from work you're talking about would be "a leave of absence" (paid or unpaid), usually for an extended period of time. "maternity leave" "sick leave" from work are also well-known terms.


on leave (US) - на побывке (RU)


Where should the stress be for the word сентябре? The audio places it at the end, but I thought it was on the middle syllable:

сен-тя-бре́ сен-тя́-бре

Which is correct?


I thought that if в is used in moving towards something and not in being in a place it requires accusative instead of prepositional. Why isn't it в отпуск instead of отпуске?


Because it is a location here and not a target of motion.


Here's a list of prepositions, their objects and the cases they take. The case of objects can depend on various factors, including movement or location, plus a few more. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28544274


Native russian. "Я ухожу в отпуск" " я нахожусь в отпуске", "я вышел из отпуска"- use as a place.


Does anyone have a link that explains clearly how and when to use the word B? I am so confused. помогите!


Copy this search-term into the address bar of your browser, and it will give you a number of articles on using в:
how and when to use the preposition в in Russian


I put "on leave" instead of "on holiday", which I think is more idiomatically correct for US English (vs. UK).


American, while it's true we wouldn't use "on holiday", and while "on leave" might be a technically correct translation, most Americans would think it was a bit weird to hear. Normally we'd just say "on Vacation". "On leave" is typically only used for military personal when they are allowed to leave base.


"take a vacation' was marked wrong.


Why was the answer in vacation and not on vacation? Just different in Russian?


@25XXV - Similar ideas are expressed in different ways in different languages. For instance, if a person is "eating with a spoon" in Russian, there's no need for the actual word "with" - it's expressed with the instrumental case.

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isn't a bit harsh to consider an answer wrong just because of adding (a) before (vacation)?


Сентябре sounds weird like cin-tri-brje?


So both of these are in the prepositional case. But why?


@Sam278989 - We use multiple prepositions in English, too - "He will be on vacation in September". In Russian, when you use a preposition, you have to use the appropriate case for the following adjectives + nouns. Отпуск and months use the preposition B + prepositional case.


He will take vacation in september should be an acceptable translation....


"Have a vacation" is wrong? Why?


I'm having some trouble with oral exercises.


What is the difference between каникул and отпуске?


Каникулы для учащихся, отпуск для работающих.

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