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  5. "Ayakkabı kutusu"

"Ayakkabı kutusu"

Translation:Shoe box

January 3, 2016



Then could "ayakkabı kutu" means "a box of shoes"?

[deactivated user]

    That would be ''Bir kutu ayakkabı'' there is no such thing as ''ayakkabı kutu'' in Turkish.


    I'm sorry. I misplaced it. Haha. Okay. Thank you very much. :D


    Please,why shoe box and not shoes box?Thanks


    It is just English. I wish I knew as well because yours makes a little more sense :)


    When using a noun like box, and using another noun as an adjective because it is the contents of the box, the adjective is singular because the quantity is indefinite (like water or sand). I'm sorry, I'm not a linguist so I hope I used the correct terminology. Some examples:

    Shoe box Coin purse Cookie jar Book shelf Sock drawer

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