"Power is not my goal."

Translation:Władza nie jest moim celem.

January 3, 2016

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Interesting to note that Polish cel = German Ziel


I am confused, I thought negative sentences were in the Genitive and not the Instrumental case.

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Only if the affirmative sentence had accusative. All other cases are not changed.


I wrote "siła nie jest mój cel" and was marked wrong because I didn't include the word "to" - but in the above correct sentence it's missing too?


Już to widziałaś, to pierwsze lekcje https://www.duolingo.com/skill/pl/Defining

if you use "to", the object is in nominative, if you say "jest" without "to" you need instrumental case.

Władza nie jest moim celem

Władza to nie (jest) mój cel


I make mistakes into the lesson form severe shoulder pain which occurs the longer I work. It makes me stupid, I know the correct answers but put in wrong ones. Aggravates the hell out of me.


Can this be turned around? moj celem nie jest wladze (excuse English keyboard) - my goal is not power ?


"Moim celem nie jest władza". "my goal" stays in Instrumental.

Or "Mój cel to nie władza", but that somehow sounds worse to me.

Of course those say "My goal is not power", changing the grammatical subject.


Sorry, Jellei, but can you please explain why you state that 'my goal' stays in the Instrumental case when Stewart156051 wanted to say 'My goal is not power'? I would have thought that 'My goal' is just the subject of the sentence and that it stays in the nominative case, with 'power' being in the instrumental (because of using 'jest'), hence władzą. Many thanks.


I believe that the easiest way to find out what can take Instrumental is to see if you could logically put 'a/an' before it.

Power is a goal. Yup, that works. The goal is a power. That doesn't seem to make much sense. Therefore "moc" can't take Instrumental here.

"Invisibility is a power" (superpower) could work, right? But not "Power is an invisibility". So here only "moc" could take Instrumental.

Maybe it's not much, but I wrote something about it in Part 1,5 here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16373167


Dziękuję bardzo, Jellei. Czytałam notatki jeszcze raz ale, niestety, jeszcze nie rozumiem. (I read the notes again but, unfortunately, I still don’t understand!). I shall continue to practise and try to work it out and, hopefully, light will dawn! Thanks again.


Please can you explain when you do NOT use genitive case after a negative.


When the unnegated object takes a case that is NOT accusative.

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