"Czyja żona mówi po angielsku?"

Translation:Whose wife speaks English?

January 3, 2016

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you should be a little bit nicer to people are no native english speakers. I translated this by: whose wife does speak english? and it was not accepted. I think it should have, because there's not really anything wrong with it.


We are in fact very considerate of those who aren't native English speakers. We constantly answer questions about English grammar and vocabulary, although we absolutely don't have to.

"Whose wife does speak english?" is indeed grammatically correct, but it doesn't work as a standalone sentence. It could work in this context:

- Neither Steven's nor Harold's wife speaks English.

- So, whose wife does speak English, then?

There is nothing in the original Polish sentence that would indicate such a context, so I would consider your sentence a far fetched interpretation and am not in favour of accepting it.


why is whose and wife feminine but mowi is neuter?


Hm... but why would it be neuter? Polish non-past verbs don't inflect for gender.


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