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  5. "Perché non inviti papà?"

"Perché non inviti papà?"

Translation:Why don't you invite dad?

December 13, 2013



Why is "Why don't you invite father?" wrong?


that would technically be correct but papà is much less formal than "father" and would better be translated to dad, daddy, etc.


I put "why not invite dad" which it marked as incorrect. Since the sentence lacks emphasis (with tu being absent), it stands to reason the english translation should also lack emphasis, no?

Is my translation too casual?


Yea, I did the same thing with 'father'. Duolingo does not seem to understand that, while English generally uses pronouns, there is an "understood" you, which is commonly used by English speakers.


I cant wait till we get to past tense verbs.. Sentences will make so much more sense!


I think this sentence is totally independant of tenses.

Why don't you invite... Why didn't you invite... Why haven't you invited...

The only difference is in time, not in sense. Somebody is just not invited somewhen.


For the English sentence to be grammatically correct, the word "dad" should be capitalized. In a situation where words like "mom", "dad", "grandma", etc. are used as proper nouns, they should be capitalized, while in other cases they are not. The quick way to determine this is to try substituting the person's actual name instead; if it fits, then the word should be capitalized. Examples: "Invite Todd" works perfectly, so "Invite Dad" is correct. However, "Invite our Todd" doesn't make sense, so "Invite our dad" is the appropriate choice.


How would you say "Why didn't you invite dad?"


Perché non hai invito papà


Isn't it invitato?


Is this like "you haven't invited dad. Why?" or is it more like "how about you invite dad"? Or could it be either? Is that kind of hypothetical implication a thing in Italian or only English?


What is wrong with, "Why not invite Dad?" That's what I would say, but then I have only been speaking English for over 60 years, so what do I know!!


Your Eng. is fine only in a learning situation you should include the words and phrases being taught. In this case it is: "Why don't you invite Dad?"


Is it ìnviti or invìti? Where should fall the accent? On which syllable? Many thanks.


In the Spanish lessons, these sorts of simple present sentences usually accept either the English simple present or the present progressive. And usually the meaning is not very different (well, except for the fact that simple present in English tends to mean "habitual action," and present progressive means "at-this-very-moment"). The little bit of experience I've had with the Italian exercises seems to suggest that both simple present and present progressive work as translations, too.

However, for this sentence, the meaning difference would be quite substantial. "Why don't you invite dad?" sounds like a suggestion and makes no presupposition that the addressee is opposed to doing so, whereas "Why aren't you inviting dad?" sounds like the speaker believes the addressee has already decided not to invite dad, and the speaker wants to know the reason for this. Can the Italian "Perche non inviti papa?" be both of these interpretations, or only the first one?


Just a question: Is there a difference in Italian between "Why don't you invite dad?", which sounds like a suggestion (where dad hasn't yet been invited), and "Why aren't you inviting dad?", which sounds surprised (like dad was definitely not invited).


Why is "Why not invite dad?" not accepted? Perfectly acceptable in British English.


Come on people you have to much of an accent.......


Why didn't you invite father was marked incorrect? Why?


Could some one explain the differences between e, è and a,à ?


I think it should be "Why don't you invite the dad?" because we are talking about some specific person, not just "any dad".

[deactivated user]

    Duolingo: you don't accept, "why do you not invite your Dad", but do accept, "Why don't you invite your Dad". Why do you not accept my answer, or will you only accept my question if I write, why don't you accept my answer?


    Perché non inviti papà


    Why don't you invite Papa

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