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Microphone questions intermittently fail. Arg.

My microphone works great, no problems (built in macbook mic). I often make it most of the way through a lesson (including some mic questions) and then the lesson randomly hangs on a mic question after recording my answer. I can play back my answer, and can hit record AGAIN and record a new answer if I wish, ad infinitum, and then nothing happens. No spinning circle in the corner—nothing. Sometimes if I leave the tab and browse other sites, I'll hear the "ding" a minute or two later and can return to practicing. Most of the time, though, nothing ever happens.

My only options at that point are to click "don't know the answer, skip" (and lose heart, in two ways!), or click "don't use mic" after which I can complete the lesson with no further mic questions and then have to return to settings to re-enable mic questions. This has happened with increasing frequency over a week or so until, at this point, I'm stymied 75% of the time. It seems to be a problem with the duolingo server not responding to my audio upload... what's going on? It's horrible and severely hinders my participation in duolingo. Timed Practice mode is a headache because I almost inevitably hit hung up on a mic question that won't go through.

Anyone else have an issue like this?

December 13, 2013



This happens to me as well. It has been getting worse lately and now it happens about once every 10 recording questions. As you suggested, I essentially turn off the microphone (which skips the question), open up settings in another tab and turn it back on, and then click continue on the original page to advance to the next question.

If it helps, I'm using Firefox (v26.0, most recent) with the latest flash player, 11.9.900.152 installed. BTW, it's repeatable with certain questions.


Do you use adblock?


I do, but it is disabled for the entire duolingo.com website. If I turn adblock on, then the record button will never display.


When I disabled adblock for the duolingo domain it fixed the problem of the audio questions sometimes hanging—although they are definitely still radically slow much of the time.


Happens to me all the time too. I don't have an adblock program.


happening to me more and more frequently. It is now happening every single practice. I don't have an adblock that I know of. I am using a new iMac.
Has anyone found a fix?


Yes, I have this problem, and a solution with firefox/firebug. (I seem to have misplaced my other post) A workaround is to reload the .swf: right-click anywhere on the page except directly on the mic, click "Inspect Element with Firebug", search "audio-recorder". Replace data="blahblah.swf" with some invalid address (such as data="blahblah.swf2"), leave the text edit box so it applies (now there's no mic nor flash at all), then change it back, and close firebug. The mic should now respond again, without losing level progress.

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